Conceptual Designer

“People are focused on visuals. It allows them to gain a better understanding of the
things in the world around them. It triggers, influences behaviour and emotions.
For me it’s a playground that allows us to express feelings and thoughts. To surprise
and to arouse curiosity.”

Babeth Rammelt is a graduate from The Design Academy Eindhoven (2016), department:
Man and Identity. During her study she focused on creating products and atmospheres
that give a sense of mood, space and time. This, in combination with explaining and
creating stories of her work, through images and short films: visual storytelling.

She likes to play with the boundaries between telling and not telling. The non-moving
objects within the space. That the image and its layout do not distract you from what
is happening within them. They tell the viewer something about the story/product,
simply by looking at it instead of having the whole setting be described verbally.


Concept development is one of my strongest sides and I’m passionate about creating and
telling a story that’s commercially attractive.

© 2016 – Babeth Rammelt

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