Concept&Design _ Babeth Rammelt
Commissioned by _ Design Academy Eindhoven _ Helen de Leur
Assignment _ ‘Material manipulation’

A starting point for a material collection. Based on three categories found in
a living environment, reflecting my vision on the interior.

‘A conversation between molecules and living tissue’

The compounds of copper are commonly encountered as salts, which often impart blue or
green colours to minerals such as azurite and turquoise. Therefore, copper is one of
only four elemental metals with a natural colour other than grey or silver.
To reveal those natural colours, a chemical reaction has to take place.
This interaction between molecules and different substances, they may come in contact
with, reveals their second nature. From metal to living tissue, brought to life by the
elements such as heat / water / air.

Accumulation of pips
‘An action of gathering, it’s a process, the growing of a little thing’

The inside of fruits and vegetables consist out of pips. They grow within, are
entangled together by threads and hold by the mould / the outside of the fruit or
vegetable. It’s the act of accumulation / an accumulation of earth.
What if the pips became the mould of themselves; became their own threads?

‘Implies openness, endlessly but not yet so revealing’

When light encounters a material, it can interact with it in several different ways.
These interactions depend on the wavelength of the light and the nature of the
material. Some materials, such as egg shells do not allow the transmission of light.
By changing the characteristics of the material, it becomes a transparent object,
revealed by light passing through.

© 2016 – Babeth Rammelt

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